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Cockerpoo’s at Oxleys,

Born on 09 May 2022  £1100.00 - £1100.00

Haynes, MK45 – View map

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Born on 09 May 2022


£1100.00 - £1100.00


Both parents are health tested on the bundle. Puppies are wormed with drontrol at 2 weeks and thereafter every two weeks with a 5 day panacur course. On departure they are treated with advocate for flea prevention.

Behaviour and socialisation

Create introduced for puppies to sleep in at 6 weeks. My friends children come to play with the puppies. Paper and pad trained. Stimulating toys. Walked as a litter in open spaces. First bath and groom, familiar with eye and ear checking and hair dryer. Familiar with all house hold noises. Familiar with horses and farm noises. Travelled in car to vets.

Home environment

My puppies are whelped and reared in my home, I have a separate room and kitchen area.

Health test categories

We have listed below all the health test categories that Cockerpoo’s at Oxleys, normally conducts. Remember that health tests don't always guarantee a healthy dog - some problems are multifactorial.

Parent Health Tests

The following tests are applicable for this breed:

AON : Adult Onset Neuropathy, AMS : Acral Mutilation Syndrome, Hip Score : BVA/KC Hip Dysplasia Scheme, Gonioscopy : BVA/KC/ISDS Eye Scheme Gonioscopy, prcd-PRA : Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration - Progressive Retinal Atrophy, FN : Familial Nephropathy, Eye Examination : BVA/KC/ISDS Eye Scheme

Mum's health tests:

Dad's health tests:

PRA-IG1 : Progressive Retinal Atrophy (IG1), prcd-PRA : Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration - Progressive Retinal Atrophy

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What's included?

The law says all puppies must be microchipped and registered by the age of eight weeks. Breeders should pass the paperwork on to you so you can check that the details on the database are correct. If you move or change your phone number do remember to update the records.

Pups from this litter are vet checked, and the breeder will pass the details onto you.

This paperwork should contain all vaccination records and clear instructions on any future vaccinations and worming etc. They should also tell you how best to socialise your dog while minimising the risk of infectious diseases.

This can become a comfort blanket to remind the pup of their mum and littermates - it may help some dogs adjust to a new home. Don't wash it!

This breeder provides food for the first few days. It will help to keep the pup on the same diet as they get used to their new home, then you can gradually change it should you wish to use something different.It's a good idea to discuss diet and how you might change it before pick up day.

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Included Extra Details

During the winter months they leave with a hand knitted jumper (knitted in the local care home who donate the monies to the local dog rescue) and a teddy when available.

About the breeder

My bio

Hello, my name is Debbie Goldhawk, I am a 5* Licensed home breeder living on our small family run farm with my dogs, cattle and horses. My dogs are free spirits who enjoy the freedom to go play and explore on our daily walks. I have been breeding cockerpoos for over 23 years. Most of the families who buy cockerpoos from me keep in contact, especially when its their dogs birthdays ! Occasionally I breed a litter of Cocker Spaniels and Miniature Poodles.

What makes you a good breeder?

I insist on meeting prospective families who are interested in my puppies, I do not like video calls as I think it is very important that we like each other. I provide all information about the puppies in writing, worming dates, what feed used, advice on socialisation and training with extensive information on the care of the puppy. I also have a written contract to guarantee the puppies health. All my adult dogs are health tested on the bundle.

How did you get into breeding?

I have been breeding dogs for over 40 years, originally to enable me to have a puppy from my pet Jack Russell.

What attracts you to Tailwise?

I like the idea of customers being vetted before contact helping match prospective families with a suitable puppy.

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