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London Cockapoos

Born on 31 Mar 2022  £1250.00 - £1250.00

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2 available


2 available


Born on 31 Mar 2022


£1250.00 - £1250.00


Becky is the daughter of her breeders 'best' breeding dog. She is from a Champion Show Cocker bloodline, and is DNA clear of breed related illnesses by parentage. She is a healthy, fit and strong, happy dog. The stud dog who fathered the litter is DNA tested for all breed related diseases and is regularly vet checked. As dogs have 99% wolf DNA we feed the highest quality raw nutrition to both mum and pup. We also give flower essences, homeopathy and Reiki to both mum and pups to support emotional well being. We 'listen' to each pup individually, looking to fulfil each ones needs. We believe, mental and emotional balance equal physical health and as such aim to nurture the pups in such a way that they can feel calm and relaxed after meeting each days new individual natural 'expansion'. After all, experience is known to register in the DNA.

Behaviour and socialisation

All of our pups are handled from birth. They live in an open plan family room which includes the kitchen, living room and desk space so are used to normal family sights and sounds as their norm. They always have access to somewhere to toilet away from their bed which they always do. They are socialised with 3 adult dogs, plus 3 family members, and visitors. On waking they play in the kitchen area altogether with toys and boxes to climb on, and they have individual time with the grown up dogs and with us in all different areas of the home, until they naturally want to rest. When they start to fall asleep we pop them in their bed and this cycle repeats 3 times during the day. We practice walking in and out of the room without emotional connection so that they are used to people coming and going - Please see 'Raising our Pups' at

Home environment

Our pups are raised as our own in our family home. They are born under our Buddhist shrine, where we chant the mantra Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo each day. We chant for the best pups to go the best homes to create the most amount of joy for all. We find pups enjoy being integrated into normal family life as the most pleasurable experience they can have. So as well as giving them teething toys, and cuddly toys, and cardboard to chew, and boxes to jump on, we let them gallop arung the home and hang out with the dogs until they tire and fall asleep. In the evenings they sit on our laps, and have some Reiki whilst watching tele, and they are kissed and cuddled by us all - often! They are extremely responsive to nurture, they come when they are called, we use a 'kiss' sound, and the word 'come', and where possible we teach them their name.

Health test categories

We have listed below all the health test categories that London Cockapoos normally conducts. Remember that health tests don't always guarantee a healthy dog - some problems are multifactorial.

Diagnostic tests

Many conditions now have genetic tests. Those which are autosomal recessive mean carriers can still be mated to clears without reducing the gene pool. Some tests avoid life limiting or distressing problems, others can just signify traits. DNA tests are less expensive and invasive than physical tests.

Parent Health Tests

The following tests are applicable for this breed:

Hip Score : BVA/KC Hip Dysplasia Scheme, Gonioscopy : BVA/KC/ISDS Eye Scheme Gonioscopy, prcd-PRA : Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration - Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Eye Examination : BVA/KC/ISDS Eye Scheme, AON : Adult Onset Neuropathy, AMS : Acral Mutilation Syndrome, FN : Familial Nephropathy, vWD (Type I) : von Willebrand disease Type I, SA : Sebaceous Adentitis, OC : Osteochondrodysplasia, PRA (rcd4) : Progressive Retinal Atrophy (rcd-4)

Mum's health tests:

FN : Familial Nephropathy, PRA (rcd1) : Progressive Retinal Atrophy (rcd-1)

Dad's health tests:

DM : Degenerative Myleopathy, Eye Examination : ECVO Eye Scheme, MH : Malignant Hyperthermia, PRA (rcd1) : Progressive Retinal Atrophy (rcd-1), vWD (Type I) : von Willebrand disease Type I

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What's included?

The law says all puppies must be microchipped and registered by the age of eight weeks. Breeders should pass the paperwork on to you so you can check that the details on the database are correct. If you move or change your phone number do remember to update the records.

Pups from this litter are vet checked, and the breeder will pass the details onto you.

This paperwork should contain all vaccination records and clear instructions on any future vaccinations and worming etc. They should also tell you how best to socialise your dog while minimising the risk of infectious diseases.

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Included Extra Details

We give the vets report, directly from the vet, so 100% transparancy before pick up, along with all the details of their worming, flea preventative treatment, and vaccination report. We give puppy specific bottle of Australian Bush Flower remedies to add to the puppies water in their new home that really helps aid their emotional well being for transition. We are earth positive people and don't believe in buying lots of cheap toys and blankets as a gimmick. The thing we give the most is our genuine love and care of the puppy, and all the support and expertise we can give to help the owners settle the pup, and raise them in such a way that creates the most amount of happiness for both the dog and the owner.

About the breeder

My bio

We have two beautiful dogs, and a very genuine deep love of animals. Our aim is to home breed very healthy, very beautiful, non shedding, deeply loving, super family cockapoo pet dogs, that have been loved and expertly nurtured since the day they were born. We take 100% care at every stage to make the best choices for our dogs and our pups from choosing the best stud dogs, to matching the most appropriate puppy to the best possible family or individual. We offer expert advise and as much ongoing care as is wanted or needed. Much more detailed info about us can be found on our website including how we raise our puppies and testimonials from our puppy owners.

What makes you a good breeder?

Our dogs are Healthy, Happy and Beautiful, as is the Stud Dog. All are DNA clear of breed related disease. Our pups are loved and raised as our own from birth in the heart of our home. They have our undivided attention all the time they are with us. They are handled from birth and as they get older they have toys, exercise and stimulation as a litter and individually to match their needs, with three different family members, and three different dogs in all areas of the home. The pups have homeopathy for teething pain, and flower essences and Rieki to support their emotional well being through the weaning stage and through the transition to their new home. We recommend books to read, and give links to literally everything we recommend the pup will need and pages of puppy info that we have written up over years of breed specific experience.

How did you get into breeding?

We have extensive life experience from growing up on an organic small holding in the New Forest, in Hampshire, where we kept all sorts of animals, from competition horses, to dairy calves, from rare breed chickens to farm dogs, (and many more). Having a litter with our dog was something we always both wanted to do, but needed to wait for the right circumstances, and have the right dog. Becky (F1) comes from a Champion Show Cocker bloodline, has an excellent character, super looks, is a very healthy, strong dog, and is the daughter of her breeders best breeding dog. Our first litter went so well, that is was clear this was an area where we felt we had a lot to offer both the pups and their prospective owners and so have bred again, keeping two of her daughters for the future.

What attracts you to Tailwise?

We are hoping to connect with people who will have the same love, intent and passion for our dogs as we do. We hope to connect with people who are looking to raise a well balanced, happy and fulfilled dog, that have an understanding of the commitment required to raise a puppy over a two year period, and who are willing to learn whatever it takes to become the type of dog owner that has a happy relationship with their dog.

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