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Puddle Pups

Born on 10 May 2022  £1250.00 - £1250.00

Roxton, MK44 – View map

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Born on 10 May 2022


£1250.00 - £1250.00


Both parents are extensively health checked and clear of all hereditary conditions. Ruby has undergone a recent veterinary check to ensure she is in good health. Puppies will have had their first vaccination and be vet checked before they leave us for their forever homes.

Behaviour and socialisation

Our puppies are raised in the heart of our home and exposed to all the noise of a busy family household. They will be well socialised and handled regularly by our three children and used to our other family pets. We will ensure the puppies are socialised with numerous different adults and children to ensure they grow into loving and affectionate pets. By the time they leave us our puppies will be well used to the noise of household appliances, including hair dryers. They will have had their first gentle bath and used to regular brushing. We recommend crate training and we can support you in that.

Home environment

Our puppies are brought up in the heart of our home in our busy kitchen/dining area where they can be involved in all aspects of our busy family life. Once the puppies are old enough they will have lots of play time outside in our large, secure garden and kept entertained with stimulating toys. They will have lots of love and attention form our three children.

Health test categories

We have listed below all the health test categories that Puddle Pups normally conducts. Remember that health tests don't always guarantee a healthy dog - some problems are multifactorial.

Diagnostic tests

Many conditions now have genetic tests. Those which are autosomal recessive mean carriers can still be mated to clears without reducing the gene pool. Some tests avoid life limiting or distressing problems, others can just signify traits. DNA tests are less expensive and invasive than physical tests.

Parent Health Tests

The following tests are applicable for this breed:

Hip Score : BVA/KC Hip Dysplasia Scheme, Gonioscopy : BVA/KC/ISDS Eye Scheme Gonioscopy, prcd-PRA : Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration - Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Eye Examination : BVA/KC/ISDS Eye Scheme, AON : Adult Onset Neuropathy, AMS : Acral Mutilation Syndrome, FN : Familial Nephropathy, vWD (Type I) : von Willebrand disease Type I, SA : Sebaceous Adentitis, OC : Osteochondrodysplasia, PRA (rcd4) : Progressive Retinal Atrophy (rcd-4)

Mum's health tests:

AMS : Acral Mutilation Syndrome, DM : Degenerative Myleopathy, FN : Familial Nephropathy, NE : Neonatal Encephalopathy, PRA (rcd1) : Progressive Retinal Atrophy (rcd-1), PRA (rcd4) : Progressive Retinal Atrophy (rcd-4), prcd-PRA : Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration - Progressive Retinal Atrophy, vWD (Type I) : von Willebrand disease Type I

Dad's health tests:

AMS : Acral Mutilation Syndrome, DM : Degenerative Myleopathy, EIC : Exercise Induced Collapse, FN : Familial Nephropathy, GM2 : Canine Gangliosidosis (Poodle Type), NE : Neonatal Encephalopathy, OC : Osteochondrodysplasia, PRA (rcd1) : Progressive Retinal Atrophy (rcd-1), vWD (Type I) : von Willebrand disease Type I, GSDII (Glycogen storage disease type II (Pompe's disease))

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What's included?

The law says all puppies must be microchipped and registered by the age of eight weeks. Breeders should pass the paperwork on to you so you can check that the details on the database are correct. If you move or change your phone number do remember to update the records.

Pups from this litter are vet checked, and the breeder will pass the details onto you.

This paperwork should contain all vaccination records and clear instructions on any future vaccinations and worming etc. They should also tell you how best to socialise your dog while minimising the risk of infectious diseases.

This can become a comfort blanket to remind the pup of their mum and littermates - it may help some dogs adjust to a new home. Don't wash it!

This breeder provides food for the first few days. It will help to keep the pup on the same diet as they get used to their new home, then you can gradually change it should you wish to use something different.It's a good idea to discuss diet and how you might change it before pick up day.

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Included Extra Details

We are happy to offer future board to any of our puppies.

About the breeder

My bio

At Puddlepups we strive to raise healthy, happy and confident puppies. Our dogs and puppies are a much loved part of our family. We know how much joy and love a dog can bring to its owners and we want to connect loving families to our puppies to ensure they have a happy, fulfilled life.

What makes you a good breeder?

The temperament of our dogs is something we take very seriously. Our mission is to produce loving, affectionate and gentle puppies that grow into wonderful family pets that will bring years of happiness to their owners.

How did you get into breeding?

Since getting our beloved Cockapoo - Ruby we have fallen in love with their affectionate, playful and gentle natures. Everybody who meets Ruby always comments on what a wonderful and loving dog she is and we want to pass these traits onto another generation of Cockapoos. We are also experienced cat breeders and want to extend that knowledge into breeding Cockapoos.

What attracts you to Tailwise?

We know how important finding the right puppy and breeder can be. The high morals, ethics and stringent breeder checks attracted us to Tailwise.

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