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Star Cockapoos

Born on 28 May 2022  £1500.00 - £1500.00

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Born on 28 May 2022


£1500.00 - £1500.00


My only current breeding Dam, Star, has been DNA tested and she is clear of all 15 diseases relating to the spaniel and poodle breeds. The Sire, Steve, has also been DNA tested and he is clear of these awful diseases too, copies of the DNA results for both parents will be included in the extensive Puppy Pack. Both parents are up to date on all flea and worming treatments which will be maintained with Star throughout her pregnancy with Panacur & the pups will also be wormed with Panacur at 2, 5 & 8 weeks of age. Included in the puppy pack will be advice and guidance for the best health & training of your new pup. Star has received the best food and care during her pregnancy, she is fit and healthy, loving her walks and games, she is in top condition. This will be Star's last litter & she will be neutered to ensure a quiet retirement for her in our home.

Behaviour and socialisation

The puppies are raised in the heart of our family home with children, other dogs and many house visitors! The pups are born in their whelping box, as they grow they can explore an enclosed pen which then leads to our snug, for them to become used to everything in a home. This includes hoovers, washing machines and general household noises with activity toys, cuddles and supervision, so our pups can flourish in their early development. We also have an outside space where they can safely and hygienically explore regularly outside from around 4 weeks. We are a Pupstarts breeder following an early days programme so the pups are confident, happy and resilient as they grow. We help the pups with scent training, sensory contact and Mum & the pups are going to have puppy massage at 5 & 7 weeks old, all aiming to give the pups the very best start!

Home environment

We will provide extensive enrichment as previously mentioned, every whim of the puppies will be covered and the puppies are raised in the centre of our home next to the kitchen and lounge, with access growing as they progress. They will be trained to newspaper and puppy pads as much as possible by eight weeks, they will have a daily routine and will be sleeping through the night. We offer support with a Whatsapp Group for whoever wishes to maintain contact with the litter. There will be a puppy contract which both parties sign stipulating there is no resale of the puppy and if your circumstances ever change you must refer back to us so we can guide and help. CCTV & a house alarm are in operation in our home.

Health test categories

We have listed below all the health test categories that Star Cockapoos normally conducts. Remember that health tests don't always guarantee a healthy dog - some problems are multifactorial.

Diagnostic tests

Many conditions now have genetic tests. Those which are autosomal recessive mean carriers can still be mated to clears without reducing the gene pool. Some tests avoid life limiting or distressing problems, others can just signify traits. DNA tests are less expensive and invasive than physical tests.

Xrays & MRIs

Some breeds have significant hip, elbow, patella or shoulder issues which can require invasive, expensive corrective surgery. Some dogs' skull and spine anatomy issues can't be fixed. Expert vets grade Xrays and breeders aim for improvement, but even in the best lines the structural problems can still crop up. These are not binary tests.

Parent Health Tests

The following tests are applicable for this breed:

Hip Score : BVA/KC Hip Dysplasia Scheme, Gonioscopy : BVA/KC/ISDS Eye Scheme Gonioscopy, prcd-PRA : Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration - Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Eye Examination : BVA/KC/ISDS Eye Scheme, AON : Adult Onset Neuropathy, AMS : Acral Mutilation Syndrome, FN : Familial Nephropathy, vWD (Type I) : von Willebrand disease Type I, SA : Sebaceous Adentitis, OC : Osteochondrodysplasia, PRA (rcd4) : Progressive Retinal Atrophy (rcd-4)

Mum's health tests:

EIC : Exercise Induced Collapse, Fucosidosis : Canine Fucosidosis, GM2 : Canine Gangliosidosis (Poodle Type), NE : Neonatal Encephalopathy, OC : Osteochondrodysplasia, prcd-PRA : Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration - Progressive Retinal Atrophy, vWD (Type I) : von Willebrand disease Type I, GSDII (Glycogen storage disease type II (Pompe's disease)), PRA (cord1) (Progressive retinal atrophy)

Dad's health tests:

AMS : Acral Mutilation Syndrome, DE : Degenerative Encephalopathy, EIC : Exercise Induced Collapse, FN : Familial Nephropathy, GM2 : Canine Gangliosidosis (Poodle Type), GPRA cord-1 : Progressive Retinal Atrophy (GPRA cord-1), NE : Neonatal Encephalopathy, OC : Osteochondrodysplasia, prcd-PRA : Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration - Progressive Retinal Atrophy, vWD (Type I) : von Willebrand disease Type I, GSDII (Glycogen storage disease type II (Pompe's disease))

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What's included?

The law says all puppies must be microchipped and registered by the age of eight weeks. Breeders should pass the paperwork on to you so you can check that the details on the database are correct. If you move or change your phone number do remember to update the records.

Pups from this litter are vet checked, and the breeder will pass the details onto you.

This paperwork should contain all vaccination records and clear instructions on any future vaccinations and worming etc. They should also tell you how best to socialise your dog while minimising the risk of infectious diseases.

This can become a comfort blanket to remind the pup of their mum and littermates - it may help some dogs adjust to a new home. Don't wash it!

This breeder provides food for the first few days. It will help to keep the pup on the same diet as they get used to their new home, then you can gradually change it should you wish to use something different.It's a good idea to discuss diet and how you might change it before pick up day.

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Included Extra Details

The 'Memory Book' will be provided n Whatsapp with regular pupdates with video clips and lots of photos also including regular information on the pup routine, characters and fun time! Also around day 30 of the pregnancy Star will have a scan which is very exciting and it is amazing to see the pups with a rough idea of the amount in the litter too.

About the breeder

My bio

I have always been passionate about dogs and have had a few now who have passed away in old age, each dog has been different and they are all so unique with their own personalities and quirks! I felt the time was right in 2019 to start breeding my amazing Cockapoo Star, she really is the perfect dog and passing her traits onto the next generation is really rewarding. I am breeding Star with carfully selected studs, with her best care in mind, totally naturally and watching her enjoy having her litters has been very satisfying. Star is cared for as an important part of our family to the best of our abilities with so much time spent with her, she has free run of our home and loves playing games with us all, including children and our other dog, Ava.

What makes you a good breeder?

We have planned this litter with an F1B stud to progress the development of the cockapoo hybrid, aiming for hypo-allergenic coats, non-moulting & amazing colours, obviously these cannot be 100% guaranteed with the mixing of breeds but this is our aim as much as anyone else. As we further our breeding lines down the generations our aim is to create a cockapoo hybrid with the classic even traits of the cockapoo & a more certain non-moulting coat, with the waviness of the cockapoo. My litters have been born in my snug with me sleeping on the sofa at beck & call for 7-17 days depending on Star's experience & this will be the principles I follow through with all of my dogs. I am joined to the Pupstarts programme which means I aim stimulating the pups & giving the sensory experiences from day 1, nurturing them to be the most happy & confident dogs

How did you get into breeding?

I have wanted to breed dogs since childhood after our cat had kittens, I thought it would be amazing to have puppies! Having had children myself, alongside owning our pet dogs who are part of our family, 2019 came around as the perfect time & the perfect dog to start having puppies. I feel the litters benefit the whole of my family, my 3 children care for & cuddle the pups, which helps their caring side & enables them to express their emotions in a wholesome way. The puppies join us together, they are a great talking point between ourselves and our wider community. I am a passionate hobby breeder with litters revolving around the Dam's cycle & well being, so no back to back breeding, 1st litter around 3 yrs old+, no more than 2-3 litters & I neuter the bitch after the final time for a happy long retirement with us! I do not have an online profile.

What attracts you to Tailwise?

I have been looking for a secure process to advertise my litters to a wider pool of new owners, I aim to sell most pups by recommendation and ideally locally but this cannot be a long term plan. With Tailwise I especially like the security I get from the application process and I feel this fairly protects the breeder and new owners and helps everyone to find a genuine home for these adorable bundles of joy advertised on the website. Also I like the support Tailwise offer to breeders and the format works well to easily look at all aspects of a breeder and new owner, I feel confident using the website to advertise my puppies, thank you.

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