Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Large Size

Moderate shedding

Not good for first time owners

Hunting and fetching ducks from the icy waters of Chesapeake Bay, this hardy retriever has an oily, waterproof coat and a love of working - be it on land or in water.


Attractive to ...

An active home that hunts or works.

Not the best for ...

Those who think this is a different-coated Lab. The Chessie is more reserved than the Lab or Golden Retrievers and has a very strong working instinct. And if you don't like wet dogs, forget it!


Chessie, CBR, Chesapeake

Cross between



United States


Large - but would still fit in a small car

Exercise Needs

High (Two hours or more)
Without sufficient mental and physical exercise will probably do the wall of death around the living room!


Short and curly
Natural good looks, won't keep growing like a hedge.


Moderate shedding
All canines drop some hair, think of it as dog glitter!

Life expectancy

11 years

Good first dog?



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