Chihuahua (Smooth Coat)

KC Pedigree, XX-Small

Moderate shedding

Good for first time owners

Toltec carvings of a dog remarkably similar to the modern Chihuahua have been found in Mexico. The dogs lived in temples and were prized for their mystical powers and ability to tell the future!


Attractive to ...

Wannabe lottery winners. Chis might not really be able to predict the future, but you'll feel like you've hit the jackpot with this fun, spirited dog.

Not the best for ...

The impatient. Housetraining can pose more of a challenge with a Chi, as with many smaller dogs, but with a good routine and oodles of patience, you'll both get there in the end.


Chihuahua, Chi

Cross between





Really, really tiny - could almost fit in your pocket

Exercise Needs

Low (Under 30 minutes)
A walk and a good sniff can be like reading a novel while doing a marathon for a little dog.


Dogs that you mainly just need to polish! But be warned - short haired dogs moult all the time!


Moderate shedding
All canines drop some hair, think of it as dog glitter!

Life expectancy

12 years

Good first dog?



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