Crossbreed, Small-Medium

Doesn't moult much

Good for first time owners

One of the first so-called 'designer dogs', the Cockapoo first emerged in America in the 1960s, bred specifically to be a companion pet – a job they do rather well!


Attractive to ...

Someone who wants a fun, active, intelligent dog that loves people and family life.

Not the best for ...

Couch potatoes. The Cockapoo combines two active, smart breeds. If you want a cutie that isn't so energetic and alert, maybe consider a Cavachon?


Cockerpoo, Spoodle, Cockerdoodle


United States


You could pick them up if you had to in an emergency.

Exercise Needs

Medium (About an hour)
Doesn't have to be a solid hour, you can give them lots of short walks.


Professional help needed. Curly, keeps growing and needs cutting.


Doesn't moult much
But all dogs shed dander so if you're allergic, make sure you'll be ok

Life expectancy

13 years

Good first dog?



Betty’s Babies - Cockapoo

My name is Tracey and I own 2 cockerpoos and 3 cats. All my life I’ve been an animal lover. I currently live with my ex partner and 12 year old son on a farm in Gloucestershire


Cocker bears

Hi my name is Demi we are 4* licensed breeders. We have labradors and cocker spaniels also standard goldendoodles. Our kennels is family run by myself my dad Leroy and my mum Theresa. Our dogs are our babies and we love them all so much. I Demi have had dogs and been brought up with dogs all my life and have always loved them so much. My dad Leroy has also been a dog owner from a very young age he mainly has gun dogs but of course are all family pets as well. My mum loves to get involved and we all love family days out with our dogs training and pleasure.


Cute and curious Cockapoos

I'm a teacher and experienced hobby breeder of cockapoos. We have 2 beautiful girls who have both grown up with our children and have had 3 previous litters. We want to provide loving, healthy pups to well matched family's. We love walking, paddle boarding and animals!


Ella's Cockapoos

Hi there, I'm Sarah. I'm a wife to Rob, mum to Harvey, Sam and Sebastian and a "pawrent" to Princess Ella.


Hartgrove cockapoos

I have been passionate about dogs my entire life. My dogs are the children that I sadly never managed to achieve. All my dogs reside in my home as much loved family pets. We live in an area of outstanding natural beauty and are 2 miles from our nearest Devon beach so our dogs enjoy plenty of country walks and a dip in the sea daily.


Louise’s perfect Poo’s

Hi, I’m Louise, I live with my husband and 2 sons and 2 cockapoos in Doncaster. My husband and I run a childminding business from home where we offer a loving home from home environment. We enjoy travelling, eating out and travel.


Mandaluna cockapoo’s

I’m a hobby breeder. I live with my husband Nigel and 2 adult children. We have 2 dogs, Luna and her daughter Blue and a cat called Crumble. I am a hairdresser and my husband is a retired engineer.


Ripley Cockapoo’s

I’m Lynne, a home breeder of F1b and F2b Cockapoo’s in Bedfordshire. We have three girl Cockapoo’s and are hoping for our third litter this year. My husband has dog allergies so Cockapoo’s became the right breed for our family. Our pups are raised in a busy noisy house with 3 young kids.


Snowdrop Cockapoos

I'm Hayley. I work within the NHS and also run my own photography business offering wedding photography, family and pet photography.


Super Confident Cockapoos

I am an ethical home breeder with 15 years experience. I only breed one litter every couple of years and all my puppies are happy, confident and well socialised. I consider myself a bit of a "midwoof" and support my mummies completely throughout their pregnancy, whelping and bringing up of her fur babies. I believe that if you have a happy mummy you have well adjusted, happy little pups. I am actually a qualified physical therapist and have transferred my pregnancy massage for humans onto my dogs. It totally works and they love it....and so far have not lost one pup or had any problems. I'm still in touch with many of my litters owners and we have a facebook group as it's great to see them going through life and having all sorts of adventures. We live near the New Forest and beach down in Dorset so are lucky enough to have amazing walks nearby. I also have 3 horses and my favourite thing is to ride out with the dogs running beside. We have 6 sheep in the garden and some chicken. Apart from Maeve I also have a 6 month old WCS Mabel who has started her gundog training. She is super clever and a bit of a show off already. My partner is Alex and I have an 11 year old step daughter called Emma.


The Great 8

I’m a mum to our beautiful fur baby, who’s just had a litter of 8 cockapoo’s. She’s our amazing family pet that we love a little bit too much. She’s an F2 cockapoo -so both her parents are first generation cockapoo’s. Her wonderful puppies ‘The great 8’ have a miniature poodle dad. Who is KC registered. Both dad and mum are health tested too.


Tracey's Cockapoos

I started breeding dogs in 1990


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