Dachshund (Miniature Long Haired)

KC Pedigree, X-Small

Moderate shedding

Good for first time owners

Once the Dachshund reached the badger underground, they'd bark loudly to alert their human of their location.


Attractive to ...

Town or city dwellers. When it comes to carrying a Dachshund on a bus, the Mini is easier than the Standard.

Not the best for ...

Those who want a quieter dog. Dachshunds might be small, but their barks are mighty – and they like the sounds of their own voice!


Mini Longhair Dachshund

Cross between





Small enough to carry when needed

Exercise Needs

Medium (About an hour)
Doesn't have to be a solid hour, you can give them lots of short walks.


Jacket and skinny trousers
Any feathering can get knotty. Some coats self-clean by depositing mud all over the kitchen floor.


Moderate shedding
All canines drop some hair, think of it as dog glitter!

Life expectancy

13 years

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