English Springer Spaniel

Medium Large Size

Moderate shedding

Not good for first time owners

The tallest of the land spaniels, the English Springer is a tireless worker and reliable all-round gundog.


Attractive to ...

Active, energetic homes. The Springer loves busy family life and hours of daily exercise and brain training.

Not the best for ...

Those low in energy. Springer are so-called because they would 'spring' game from cover, but it could equally apply to their bouncy springiness, probably powered by their ever-wagging tail!


Springer, Springer Spaniel, Norfolk Spaniel

Cross between



United Kingdom


Medium Large
A bit smaller than a Labrador

Exercise Needs

High (Two hours or more)
Without sufficient mental and physical exercise will probably do the wall of death around the living room!


Jacket and skinny trousers
Any feathering can get knotty. Some coats self-clean by depositing mud all over the kitchen floor.


Moderate shedding
All canines drop some hair, think of it as dog glitter!

Life expectancy

12 years

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