English Springer Spaniel

KC Pedigree, Medium-Large

Moderate shedding

Not good for first time owners

The tallest of the land spaniels, the English Springer is a tireless worker and reliable all-round gundog.


Attractive to ...

Active, energetic homes. The Springer loves busy family life and hours of daily exercise and brain training.

Not the best for ...

Those low in energy. Springer are so-called because they would 'spring' game from cover, but it could equally apply to their bouncy springiness, probably powered by their ever-wagging tail!


Springer, Springer Spaniel, Norfolk Spaniel

Cross between



United Kingdom


Big, but will still fit in a small car.

Exercise Needs

High (Two hours or more)
Without sufficient mental and physical exercise will probably do the wall of death around the living room!


Jacket and skinny trousers
Any feathering can get knotty. Some coats self-clean by depositing mud all over the kitchen floor.


Moderate shedding
All canines drop some hair, think of it as dog glitter!

Life expectancy

12 years

Good first dog?



Mark Edwards's English Springer Spaniels (ESS)

We are Mark and Rach and are the 3rd generation within our family to keep English Springer Spaniels (ESS). The ESS breed is fantastic for everyone with an energetic and explorative attitude to life. We have had numerous bouncing and successful litters over the past 12 years providing the healthiest dogs for like minded individuals and families, many of our puppies go to owners who are replacing a beloved ESS pet . Our breeding focus is to produce Kennel Club (KC) registered puppies with a lower Coefficient of interbreeding (COI) than the ESS breed average, meaning your puppy has significantly lower chance to suffer from know and unknown health disorders also we positively contribute to enhancing the breed over time. The other strand to our breeding is to focus on the new owners by enhanced health screening and testing of all our breeding dogs. The Dam and Sire are all DNA screened for the most prevalent 8 genetic diseases within the ESS breed of which 4 are mandatory to be a KC assured breeder. Their results are all clear and because we test both Dam and Sire that mean all puppies they produce are Hereditary clear of all those conditions. Many of our customers have lost previous dogs due to the genetic conditions we screen for, therefore they are massively reassured that a puppy from us will never suffer with the same conditions. In addition we undertake British Veterinary Association (BVA) annual eye test for hereditary and non hereditary eye conditions and Gonioscopy (test for Glaucoma). All our Dams and Sires have a unaffected Grade on the annual eye test and Graded 0 (best result possible) for the Glaucoma test. Again this means your puppy will have a significant lower chance of being affected by eye disorders. Our dogs are first and foremost our pets and as we live on a 23 acre smallholding get off the lead explorations twice a day experiencing our wooded valleys, babbling streams and wildlife ponds. They have free access to our secure Yard Garden or our kitchen during the day and sleep in the house at night. We have recently been accredited with a Local Authority Home dog breeders licence legally allowing us to have more than the minimum of 2 whelps in any 12 month period and are proud to show our licence to any prospective puppy purchaser. Our busy household is an excellent environment in which to socialise new puppies with children, farm animal. cats, dogs and as many hats and glasses as we can acquire, they are all well rounded pups before they leave us. We also breed Pedigree Golden Guernsey Goats, Valais black-nosed sheep, Cayuga and Muscovy Ducks. We typically do not dock tails but I have the requisite licences making it legal to do so and our Vet also is allowed to dock tails and provides the current legal documents to support that process. As a customer, if you need a docked ESS, you will have to choose you pup at day 2, pay a deposit to secure it and then I can arrange the Vet to perform the procedure before day 3.


Team Springer

I am currently on a career break (colonic hydrotherapist) to be a stay at home mum to 2 children, 2 English springer spaniels (and now 10 pups) and an allotment full of chickens and ducks. My husband and daughter are the ones that work the dogs. Our springers are mother and daughter they love to be out in the great outdoors as do we, working comes very naturally to our girls and they thoroughly enjoy it. When home they are much loved pets. We value good training to keep balance at home, by 6 months both our girls were trained to wait at a doorway to be invited in, the last thing you want after a good muddy run is for them to run straight through a carpeted room! But once clean they are invited in to rest in front of the fire.


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