German Shepherd Dog

KC Pedigree, Large

Fluff monster

Not good for first time owners

Few dogs are as versatile as the German Shepherd. Developed to be a herding dog, they have gone on to assistance dog work, and are the dog of choice for the police and army. They are also popular pets and have been among the top breeds in the UK, the US and elsewhere for over a century.


Attractive to ...

A canine sports enthusiast, with experience of training sensitive, naturally protective dogs.

Not the best for ...

Someone who doesn't have the time to invest. A bored GSD will soon find its own amusement by patrolling the property, guarding, barking, chewing, digging... This bright dog needs lots of exercise – for mind and body!


GSD, Alsatian, Shepherd

Cross between





People will amusingly say "You should put a saddle on it!"

Exercise Needs

High (Two hours or more)
Without sufficient mental and physical exercise will probably do the wall of death around the living room!


variable (smooth, double, jacket)


Fluff monster
Buy shares in Dyson - tell people you are wearing mohair if embarrassed

Life expectancy

11 years

Good first dog?



SakuraBloom Shepherds

Here at SakuraBloom we are one big fur family. Im Kat and my partners name is Andrew and we bought our first home together back in 2014. We are licensed breeders and we live breathe, sleep and eat with our dogs! I am home 24/7 with our fur family so I get to do all the fun activities throughout the day. Andrew works with heavy machinery in the day and cuddling puppies by night. Andrew has grown up with dogs all his life. As I have always loved every animal growing up but always wanted a dog. Due to parents having high demand jobs we was unable to have a puppy. So when Andrew and I moved into our first home we bought our first dog (Bella) within 2 weeks of moving in! The best decision we ever made!


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Featured in
Daily Mirror
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