Hungarian Puli

KC Pedigree, Medium

Doesn't moult much

Not good for first time owners

Accompanying nomadic Magyars from the Far East to the West, the Puli's history dates back to the 9th century. These flock herders have a distinctive corded coat, like the flock-protecting Komondor, which has a similar migratory journey.


Attractive to ...

Someone prepared to nurture the cords as they develop and has the time to manage them. They can pick up all sorts of dirt and debris on walks and need cleaning to avoid a whiffy coat, but they take a long time to dry thoroughly. The coat can be clipped short, but then the dog loses its essential uniqueness.

Not the best for ...

Someone inexperienced in herding breeds. Pulis have a tendency to herd – and this can apply to cyclists, runners or other walkers in the park if the dog's instincts aren't channelled elsewhere.


Puli, America Pulik

Cross between





A bit smaller than a Labrador.

Exercise Needs

Medium (About an hour)
Doesn't have to be a solid hour, you can give them lots of short walks.


More work than you might think, drying takes a very long time and you need to cord them in the first place.


Doesn't moult much
But all dogs shed dander so if you're allergic, make sure you'll be ok

Life expectancy

12 years

Good first dog?



Tailwise is consistently rated as Excellent

Featured in
Pet Gazette
FT Sifted
Daily Mirror
Evening Standard


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