Japanese Chin

X-Small Size

Doesn't moult much

Good for first time owners

The word 'Chin' means 'catlike' and you can see why the breed gained the name from its feline-shaped head. Japanesse Chins also clean their faces with their paws in a catlike manner.


Attractive to ...

A dog owner who secretly wants a cat!

Not the best for ...

People who like noses and hot, sunny days. The Chin is a flat-faced breed so can suffer with breathing difficulties, especially in warm weather.


Japanese Spaniel, Chin

Cross between





Small enough to carry when needed

Exercise Needs

Low (Under 30 minutes)
A walk and a good sniff can be like reading a novel while doing a marathon for a little dog.


Short and curly
Natural good looks, won't keep growing like a hedge.


Doesn't moult much
But all dogs shed dander so if you're allergic, make sure you'll be ok

Life expectancy

9 years

Good first dog?



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