Labrador Retriever

KC Pedigree, Medium-Large

Fluff monster

Good for first time owners

Labradors were used from the 16th century in the fishing industry. They helped fishermen retrieve nets and lost lines, as well as pulling the fish carts.


Attractive to ...

Someone looking for a Jack of all trades. Labradors are famed for their versatility as family companions, service dogs, assistance dogs and working gundogs.

Not the best for ...

Lazy foodies. Labradors love to eat and are the breed most likely to become obese due to genetic issues with appetite regulation.


Labrador, Lab

Cross between



United Kingdom


Big, but will still fit in a small car.

Exercise Needs

High (Two hours or more)
Without sufficient mental and physical exercise will probably do the wall of death around the living room!


Dogs that you mainly just need to polish! But be warned - short haired dogs moult all the time!


Fluff monster
Buy shares in Dyson - tell people you are wearing mohair if embarrassed

Life expectancy

12 years

Good first dog?



Breakerswell Gundogs

I have been breeding since 2006 and enjoy every special moment with the mummies and puppies. the worst thing about being a breeder when the puppies say goodbye and start their new adventures


Buckland’s pooch heaven

Hi my name is Demi we are 4* licensed breeders. We have labradors and cocker spaniels also standard goldendoodles. Our kennels is family run by myself my dad Leroy and my mum Theresa. Our dogs are our babies and we love them all so much. I Demi have had dogs and been brought up with dogs all my life and have always loved them so much. My dad Leroy has also been a dog owner from a very young age he mainly has gun dogs but of course are all family pets as well. My mum loves to get involved and we all love family days out with our dogs training and pleasure.


Folkvang Labradors

I was brought up by my granddad's German Shorthaired Pointer, so dog is in my blood. I have 2 degrees and a teaching qualification; one in Biochemistry and one in Mechanical Engineering; and have spent many years studying animal behaviour and psychology of humans (not much separates the 2 if truth be known). My day job is teaching teenagers science and animal care. I also teach agility classes, on a Sunday in Berkshire, to a small friendly group of people who want to have fun and build their relationships with their dogs. The rest of my time is spent with my large family of furry people. We walk, play, swim and have fun together - sometimes we make puppies, sometimes we do competitions, breed or agility at the moment, but in the past we did obedience and working trials as well.


Knightsview Chocolate Labradors

Hi, my names Vicki, married to Dave with two children aged 7 and 9, we own a dairy farm in East Devon with pedigree Holsteins.


Tarimoor Laradors

I'm a very straight talking person who will tell it as it is to potential puppy owners, the characters of the dogs I have, whether I feel they will get on with them or not. Having one of my puppies means being invited to be part of my wider family, as that is what my dogs are to me. I work full time to fund my dog hobbies, this entails a varied life as I am an engineer on the railways, and am asked to work away from home on a variety of shifts which changes every week. The rest of the time I work from home writing up reports on structures, so get to spend time with the girls. I dabble with a bit of showing and gundog training and help out at working tests. I have worked my dogs on shoots and the aim for my pups is not only to be a good representative in temperament and conformation, but to have the ability they were originally bred for.


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