A safer space for responsible breeders

Good breeders deserve better, that’s why we made Tailwise. Connect with educated pre-screened parents, manage applications & stand out from scammers.

Educated, responsible owners

We screen and verify prospective owners making sure they have done their homework. You still get to say no if you don't like a match, but few breeders do - we pride ourselves in learning the type of owner they prefer.

Save time

We act like your virtual PA. We keep the time wasters away and limit your exposure to strangers. Many of our breeders choose to place all their pups through us as the owners they are sent are just so perfect and committed.

Stand against puppy farms

Our mission is to make a fairer, kinder world for dogs. To make provenance of pups matter to pet owners and help the good breeders stand out from scammers and the puppy farmers.


Every Tailwise breeder commits to a doggifesto.


  1. 1 The welfare of dogs is paramount.
  2. 2 I want fewer dogs in rescue and part of that is prepping pups for success by matching the right dog to the right home.
  3. 3 I believe all dog mums should enjoy a good life as part of a loving human family.
  4. 4 I want to make puppy farming history. Our best friend should never be treated like a commodity.
  5. 5 I want pups to lead happy, healthy lives where they are treasured.


Have pride in what you do, we only welcome people like you who aspire to breed dogs well.

Create a profile for each breed you have so that you can build your waitings lists - more and more we are matching people even before conception.

Use Tailwise to manage your waiting list, never lose track of who is who!

We'll help you keep track of your puppy enquirer's contact details, store your health tests and only let suitable prospective owners discretely know your plans so you no longer need to publicly advertise when you have pups. Pet theft has made many breeders cautious.

Easily respond to prospective parent applications

We rank your puppy applications in order of predicted suitability so you can still approve as you normally would, it's just easier to find the best ones. We also make it easy to respond with suggested replies when you choose to say no or have run out of pups.

Responsible breeders deserve the best

We believe the best breeders deserve to succeed, to be valued, to be proud of what they do. Tailwise will lobby to defend the small, artisan breeder and encourage excellence.

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Dr Carri Westgarth
Dr Carri Westgarth, BSc MPH PhD

Senior Lecturer in Human-Animal Interaction

Research shows that breeding for temperament and providing appropriate socialisation during the first few weeks of life are critical for the behavioural health of dogs. Finding a good breeder and confident, healthy pups is currently a major challenge for even the most knowledgeable and well-connected prospective dog owner. Therefore I am very excited about the future of Tailwise in helping to suitably match enthusiastic puppy parents with a quality breeder.


Hi, I’m Tima and I run Folkvang dogs.

“I have spent my lifetime learning about and living with dogs. I've even purpose-built my own home to be ideal for my dogs! I always go above and beyond when it comes to health testing, I'm passionate about avoiding genetic bottlenecks. I use the American Puppy Culture method to socialise my puppies early and get them the best possible start to life.

Canine First Aid
KC Assured Breeder
GCDS Bronze


Read through some of the common breeder questions below.

Nothing! Tailwise is completely free for breeders.
No. We aim to support both sides - and ultimately the dog. We carefully screen breeders and dog parents. We appreciate it is an emotional decision to get a dog, but we make sure pet parents are not motivated by impulse and are fully prepared for the realities of ownership and are aware of the needs of the breeds they are attracted to.

We support and appreciate our wonderful breeders and learn to spot the puppy owners they prefer. Our service is completely free for the good breeders we work with. We do charge new dog parents a small fee on success, which further shows their commitment to making the right decision. But we only take a fee if they get matched with the puppy that completes their family.
Breeders always have total control over how much they sell their puppies for.
By default your breed profile will not be public. Once you are are happy for it to be live you can publish it by previewing and then hitting the ‘publish’ button. You can share your profile link with anybody and if you wish to hide your profile at any point just contact us.
By joining the Tailwise community, breeders can help change the way the society perceives dog breeders. Together we can make puppy farming history and wrestle future generations of dogs out of the hands of people who just see them as commodities.

Tailwise makes it easier for the people who really care about dogs to find each other. They can avoid rubbing shoulders with undesirable people who seek to scam and exploit and ensures the dog has the best chance of becoming a beloved family pet. We want to make good breeders feel supported and enable them to mentor the next generation to ensure that home breeding becomes the norm and that breeding slavery can become a distant, ugly memory..
We ask each dog parent to create a profile and via a zoom call we confirm their identity, their address and what their motivation is for wanting a dog now. We discuss who is at home, what their previous dog experience is and how much they know about the breed they are attracted to. We talk about the relevance of health tests and explain that dog ownership is. partnership with a good breeder and they can do all they can to prevent a health issue, but that most tests reduce the chance of a problem without totally eradicating it and they need to take care to avoid triggers like over exercising young pups and allowing them to put on too much weight. We also advise them to take out comprehensive pet insurance and to budget for health problems in a realistic way. Only when we believe this parent to be a match we’ll introduce them to you. You then can choose to approve or reject them as you wish.

Join an elite and fast-growing breeder community looking to make a real change.

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We're raising awareness of the key issues around breeding and buying puppies. A well bred dog is more likely to become a much loved family pet.