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Good breeders deserve better, that’s why we made Tailwise. Connect with educated pre-screened parents, manage applications & stand out from scammers.

Educated, responsible owners

All prospective owners are required to complete an extensive application form before they can view and apply for litters. We also encourage all applicants to research their chosen breed and visit our Knowledge Centre before applying.

Save time

You set the boundaries for the kind of families you want to be matched with and only the applicants that meet those requirements will be able to view and apply for your litters. No more time wasters - just perfectly matched potential new homes.

Stand against puppy farms

Our mission is to make a fairer, kinder world for dogs. To make provenance of pups matter to pet owners and help the good breeders stand out from scammers and the puppy farmers.


Tailwise is consistently rated as Excellent

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Every Tailwise breeder commits to a doggifesto.


  1. 1 The welfare of dogs is paramount.
  2. 2 I want fewer dogs in rescue and part of that is prepping pups for success by matching the right dog to the right home.
  3. 3 I believe all dog mums should enjoy a good life as part of a loving human family.
  4. 4 I want to make puppy farming history. Our best friend should never be treated like a commodity.
  5. 5 I want pups to lead happy, healthy lives where they are treasured.


Have pride in what you do, we only welcome people like you who aspire to breed dogs well.

Add your breeds and choose whether or not to make your profile public. Even with a private profile you can still build your waiting lists and receive applications from appropriately matched applicants.

Use Tailwise to manage your waiting list, never lose track of who is who!

We help you keep track of all puppy applications across your litters. Access any applicants contact details at any time, no need to worry about losing a phone number or email again! Assign applicants to future litters to build your waiting list and manage puppy availability.

Assess key application information before wasting time

Review the key details of each applicant to make your initial decision including; previous dog experience, lifestyle, home environment and budget. Once approved you can contact each owner directly to arrange a visit.

Responsible breeders deserve the best

We believe the best breeders deserve to succeed, to be valued, to be proud of what they do. Tailwise will lobby to defend the small, artisan breeder and encourage excellence.

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Expert backing

We have the leading animal welfare behaviourists behind us.

Meet our expert dog panel. Helping us to define the best standards and welfare for Tailwise approved breeders.

Dr Carri Westgarth, BSc MPH PhD

Senior Lecturer in Human-Animal Interaction

Prof. Peter Neville

Animal Behavourist

Jon Bowen, BVetMed, Dip. AS (CABC)

Behavioural Medicine, Royal Veterinary College

Chirag Patel

Behaviour & Training Consultant

"Breeding for temperament & providing appropriate socialisation are critical for the behavioural health of dogs."

Finding a good breeder with confident, healthy pups is currently a major challenge for even the most knowledgeable and well-connected prospective dog owner. Therefore I am very excited about the future of Tailwise in helping to suitably match enthusiastic puppy parents with a quality breeder.

Dr Carri Westgarth, BSc MPH PhD

Senior Lecturer in Human-Animal Interaction

Meet our breeders

Meet a selection of our welfare focussed approved breeders.

Fran B

Irish Wolfhound Breeder

"We are very careful in placing our puppies. In forty years we have only had two returns because of extenuating circumstances. We provide health certificates of parents and puppies, insurance, a care booklet and diet sheet, food, toys and a blanket. Most importantly we provide our contact details and make sure we are available 24/7 should new owners need us."


Cockapoo Breeder

"Our new puppies become part of our family from day 1 and are raised to be loving family pets within a family environment. We socialise them in a busy, noisy, household so they are well used to household life. We only use fully health tested studs and our girls are also health tested. Ensuring we raise healthy happy puppies. We love our girls and their health and needs always comes first."

Julia F

Cavalier King Charles Breeder

"I've been breeding dogs for 30+ years. I'm passionate about my dogs and breeding for health and temperament. All my dogs are home reared, I have no kennels. We follow the Puppy Culture and BioSensor programmes to ensure our pups are the best they can be."


Read through some of the common breeder questions below.

Nothing! Tailwise is completely free for breeders.
No. We aim to support both sides - and ultimately the dog. We carefully screen breeders and dog parents. We appreciate it is an emotional decision to get a dog, but we make sure pet parents are not motivated by impulse and are fully prepared for the realities of ownership and are aware of the needs of the breeds they are attracted to.

We support and appreciate our wonderful breeders and learn to spot the puppy owners they prefer. Our service is completely free for the good breeders we work with. We do charge new dog parents a small fee on success, which further shows their commitment to making the right decision. But we only take a fee if they get matched with the puppy that completes their family.
Breeders always have total control over how much they sell their puppies for.
When you add a litter to sell through Tailwise it will become visible to the prospective new puppy parents that match your requirements and whose profile is suited to that litter. This means only relevant and genuine applicants can see and apply for your litters.
By joining the Tailwise community, breeders can help change the way the society perceives dog breeders. Together we can make puppy farming history and wrestle future generations of dogs out of the hands of people who just see them as commodities.

Tailwise makes it easier for the people who really care about dogs to find each other. They can avoid rubbing shoulders with undesirable people who seek to scam and exploit and ensures the dog has the best chance of becoming a beloved family pet. We want to make good breeders feel supported and enable them to mentor the next generation to ensure that home breeding becomes the norm and that breeding slavery can become a distant, ugly memory..
Each prospective dog parent is required to create an extensive profile that we’ve created with the help of other breeders. So you get the crucial information upfront to decide whether to move the application forward or not. We use the profile to match applicants with only the most relevant litters. An application covers; background information & experience, plans for when leaving the dog alone, family & home environment, budget considerations, any gender preferences as well as the earliest date they are looking to home a puppy from. Breeders review every application, and you can either approve or deny outright, or send them back to us so we can screen them further and ask a few more questions. The final decision on where the puppy goes is always with the breeder.

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We're raising awareness of the key issues around breeding and buying puppies. A well bred dog is more likely to become a much loved family pet.